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Alloy Wheel Straightening

Once we determine that your wheel can be repaired, we locate and mark all of the areas that are bent. We then heat the bent areas in order to make them more malleable. Next, we use our hydraulic straightening machine to "push" the bent areas back to round. The final step is to re-check the wheel for runout. Call for an appointment or drop your wheel off to be picked up later.

Wheel Cover and Center Cap Refinishing

Are your wheel covers or center caps curbed, scarred or peeling? With our low-cost service, we can bring your wheel covers or center caps back to their original condition, often while you wait.  Call today for an appointment, bring your wheel covers or center caps by to be picked up later.

Mount and Balance

Mount and balance service is available. We use tap on weights or if you prefer, we also have stick on weights for your high-performance wheels.

Tire Plugging

Flat tire? We will inspect your tire to locate the trouble spot, plug the leak, and/or advise you if further repair is necessary to keep your wheels running smoothly.

Wheel Refinishing


Wheels come in many different finishes, such as painted, machined, polished, and chrome. We are able to refinish painted, polished and machined wheels on site. Your wheels will be thoroughly cleaned, sanded, re-painted or machined, then clear coated and baked to a hard, like new finish, at a fraction of the cost of buying a new wheel. Call for an appointment or drop your wheel off to be picked up later. 

We can also refinish chrome wheels. However, the process takes 6-8 weeks. 

Reflecta Chrome

Reflecta Chrome paint is a new alternative to chrome or hyper-silver. Reflecta Chrome is a very similar finish to hypersilver but not quite as shiny. It is less costly than hyper-silver, chrome or even polished wheels but only slightly more expensive than a regular painted wheel.

Repair Chrome Corrosion

Are your chrome wheels leaking air? The problem may be chrome corrosion under the tire where it seals to the wheel.  Salt from the road or moisture under the chrome can cause your wheel to flake and corrode. 

Help is here! We can clean your wheel by sanding off the corrosion, seal, and re-paint the bead. This should fix your leak and get you back on the road. 

Call today for an appointment or drop your wheel off to be picked up later.


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