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From: Lesa B.
I had the most wonderful experience at your wheel store and have to tell you about it!
My car was vibrating and after taking it to my own tire shop a few weeks ago, they told me I had 2 bent wheels. They referred me to Hubcap Heaven. I called HCH and was greeted by a sweet gal named Melita who was very helpful, courteous and asked if I wanted to make an appointment to have my wheels re-straightened so that they could service me quickly. I went to my appointment Thursday, May 14th at 1:00pm I was promptly & pleasantly greeted by two very nice people. I explained my situation to the service tech Jimmy, who told me if he found my wheels to be bent, he would show it me before he straightened them. I was pleasantly surprised when he informed me that only one wheel was bent. Not only was hubcap heaven courteous, they were honest and fast! I was in and out in ONE hour! I asked how long they had been in business, and was told 20 years! I can see why your company has been so successful. You have my highest recommendation!!
I work for a local bank. And have been in customer service all my life, I know how important it is to treat people right. If they are not treated right, it usually doesn't matter how good the deal is, they'll go elsewhere! In my experience with your business I got great service AND a great deal!
Thank you!
Lesa B.

From: Tobee A. & Krista C.
Dear Hubcap Heaven,
On Saturday July 30th we were stranded in Nashville after hitting a large rock on the interstate driving through. The rock blew out our tire and badly bent our rim. We learned after looking for the next 24 hours there were no replacement rims in Tennessee or any neighboring state. We were in the process of moving from Georgia, trying to get to Iowa in the car with two young children, and two dogs. The move was a difficult time for us, but being stranded in Nashville seem catastrophic. Your shop got a call from a Tire shop close by and asked if you could fix our rim. Someone at your shop graciously agreed to fix our rim even though they would have to stay late to do so. You fixed our rim and got us on our way in 2 hours. When we learned that the impossible had just happened, we were overjoyed. It seemed that you truly were Angels from Heaven that day.
We are indebted to you and wish you the best of blessings.
Tobee A. & Krista C.
June 13
From: Scott M.
I would like to express my thanks for repairing the wheel on my 2013 Camaro 1LE. I am not easily impressed when it comes to work being done on my cars as for the most part I do all my work myself and cringe at the thought of letting someone else touch it. This being a little out of the ordinary and a list price of $1300 bucks to replace I decided to take the referral from my local Chevy dealer and give you a try. I figured for the money it may be worth a chance, but my expectations were low. I must say that your service was very professional and my wheel turned out really nice. I was truly impressed with the results and the way I was treated. You certainly have a very unique service and obviously take great pride in what you do.
Thank you very much!
Sincerely, Scott M.
To: Mrs. Jones,
I visited your store yesterday searching for a Nissan hubcap for my Versa. I was so impressed with the friendliness and customer service there that I was compelled to let you know how my experience unfolded.
At first it seemed you did not have what I needed. Then a kind gentleman came from the back and said "give me 20 minutes and I'll have you a hubcap." Your customer service was very impressive and I drove out a happy lady! Just thought you should know.
Sincerely, Dorothy F.

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